Dancing with Feeling


Combeferre continued to thrust into him, gentle but firm, running his hands over his body everywhere he could reach, determined to find the spots that would give him the most pleasure.

He gasped softly as Combeferre’s hands ghosted over his rib cage. Moaning slightly and pushing back against him when he gripped Grantaire’s leg.


littlebirdnamedjehan asked:

"Grantaire, I /need/ you."

drunken-cynic answered:

"Do you now my little poet?" Grantaire whispered in Jehan’s ear as the meeting in the musian went on. "Are we going to sneak back to our place or fuck in the bathroom cos you need me that bad?"



Grantaire bit and sucked at Jehan’s neck as Courf’ fucked him with his fingers.

Jehan moaned out. “God, use me, please.”

"It’s all you need to ask." Courf’ whispered as he pushed another finger into him roughly while Grantaire was mouthing at his neck.


drunken-cynic asked:

"You're present has arrived." Grantaire purred as he walked into the living room with the large box. "Do you want me to call Courf' round or would you rather just us two for now?" He asked softly as he tipped Jehan's head back slightly with the tip of his fingers under his chin.

littlebirdnamedjehan answered:

"The two of us for a little bit." he said softly. "And then call Courf. If that’s okay?" he grinned- he had waited a while for this present, and now he had it!



"I know." Grantaire whispered softly as Courf’ said at the same time. "Good cos you’re pretty much stuck with us."

Jehan kissed them both. “I couldn’t be stuck with you.”

"Give it a while." R whispered as Courf’ nuzzled his neck.